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Finfish diversity in Europe interactive data visualization

An interactive infographic displaying the statistical data of European fish species. The sheet's intended usage is of a sandbox nature, where the user can filter the data by any attribute, depending on what they are looking to discover. The above image is a draft, and the working board was created within Tableau, taking into account its design and functionality constraints. Available data were downloaded and compiled from FishBase and the IUCN. Data include the region, conservation status, commercial use, taxonomy, and inhabited water type of each fish species (if the data was available).

Examples of usage:

If a user is looking to see which fish are found in France, they can click on France on the map and consult the species list on the left. It will also display the region-filtered statistical breakdown of conservation status, commercial use, etc. These results can be multiply filtered, for example if they are looking to identify only the marine fish in France.


A user may be interested in knowing which of the countries have sharks in its waters, and what % of them are endangered. To do this, they can search for a specific species or common name keyword ('shark') on the left, and the graphs will display the information of the species that match the search query. If the user knows the taxonomic classes of sharks, they may also filter by dropping down the taxonomic levels on the left.

Client: Prof. Jodie Jenkinson
Medium: Tableau

Format: Interactive board (webpage)

Audience: Educated lay audience

Date: April 2019

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