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Hi - I’m Hang Yu Lin, a biomedical artist aiming to create visuals that engage and educate. In my work, accuracy and aesthetic often must go hand in hand, and I’m keen to tackle this challenge with my dual interest in art and science. I am completing a Master’s degree in Biomedical Communications at the University of Toronto.

Strong visuals help educators get their message across - whether they are a professor teaching to students, a scientist disseminating their research, or a medical expert educating the lay public. Through working with many professionals, I have seen this first hand, and strive to achieve their communication goals while drawing artistic inspiration from a variety of sources.

I‘m excited to be constantly learning more about the beauty of science - and I hope to spread this appreciation to those who come across my works.

Photo credit: Vivian Yeung

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Please contact me for my CV (or view my LinkedIn).


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