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Sc09-02 Styleframe_v01.png


The 2021 holidays were a time where pandemic restrictions had finally started lifting. Many had become socially isolated during the pandemic, and this was a step toward resuming connections with our friends, families, and the wider community.

The 2021 RN Holiday Video was dedicated to this sentiment, while explaining the neuroscience and health benefits of social connections. It featured a more whimsical visual style compared to previous years, with an expressive palette that helps to tell this story of isolation, reunion, and community.

In terms of process, I worked within a team to create the storyboard and concepts. I was also responsible for texturing and animating the models that were created by other team members, as well as all of the compositing and the final edit.

Media: Maya, VRay, After Effects, Premiere 
Role: Storyboard, concept art, styleframes, animation, texturing, compositing, final edit

Audience: General
Date: 2021


After the storyboard was established, I created concept sketches for the characters in a couple of different styles to explore possibilities. We settled on the bobblehead style for its charm and simpler execution. While I wasn't responsible for creating the buildings, I also helped to explore early concepts for those. 

After the character designs, I created two color illustrations to visualize the palette and mood.

Holiday video_character design.jpg
Holiday video_character design_v03_edited.jpg
machines concepts_edited.jpg
Sc08-02_Concept art_v02.png
Sc08-02_Concept art.png


Two styleframes were created based on concept art. My team members created the character rigs and house/landscape models, while I assembled, textured/lit, and composited these scenes. The aim was to establish a warm and cozy mood despite cold winter surroundings, highlighting the importance of social connections that can lift us out of darker times.

Sc08-02 Styleframe_v01.png
Sc09-02 Styleframe_v01.png
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